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El Parking La Corredera



The car park counts with 2 entries, one located in Corredera street and the other in Retiro street –facilitating the traffic. The exit is set up in Retiro street and the pedestrian access by Corredera street. We have a comfortable elevator.

Some Information

The ‘Parking La Corredera’ have 5000 m2 at your disposal, as also 150 parking spaces in the main town center of Vejer. Our modern facilities include:

Own electric sub-station
25.000 litres water tank, fire engine
Permanent digital security service.
Lighting with motion detectors.
Wheelchair accessibility.

Business Premises

Besides the parking facilities, the Parking La Corredera offers 4 business premises spread out over the building.
Three of them will be located in the upper floor, where a public square will be built. These business spaces would have 60, 100 and 150 m2 respectively the medium one being property of Vejer City Council. The fourth one shall be located in the second floor of the parking lot.


Parking La Corredera

According to the law, Parking La Corredera incorporates a CCTV security system comprised of two independent sub-systems. One manages the capture and recording of the number plates of the cars that access the car park, demanded by the parking regulations of Law 44/2006, modifying Law 40/2002 –which regulates the Car Parking Contract and introduced as mandatory identifying the car that accesses the car park. The other one is dedicated exclusively to the control and surveillance inside the car parks, within security purposes and control of possible damages of parked cars or the facilities, as a duty according to the Law 40/2002

Rotation System

Users’ types

Normal rotation

Discount tickets - to be determined

Customers - to be determined

Owners Restricted Area

The two lowest floors (ground floor and basement) are for owners use exclusively. For this area there is an especial entrance and exit that only allows access by ownership cards or tickets, by a proximity scanner -and it does not create any parking ticket.