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HistoriaLa Corredera

History of Corredera Cinema and Vejer

Parking La Corredera

The old Corredera Cinema

In 2008, Promociones El Roqueo acquires the plot of the Corredera street of Vejer in order to create a required parking space in the historic center of this town. However, this place has much more history behind it.

The old Corredera Cinema is located between the street of the same name and Retiro Street, which leads to the third exit of Vejer - the Corral del Concejo road. This last street is also known for La Cantera, a name that comes from being the former site of a quarry of about 826 m2, where centuries ago the stone was drawn for the walls and fortifications in the town.

In the middle of the twentieth century, the citizen of Vejer, Jose Benitez Fernandez, who had a furniture business across the street, purchased this lot. The ruined area was destroyed and cleaned in order to transform it into a Summer Cinema, which started working right the following year, 1946. Three years later becomes property of the brothers Antonio and Francisco Guerra Guerra.

In 1964, San Francisco Cinema Company, owned by families Noya-Garcia and Lorenzo Sanchez Losada, buys 50% of the farm to one of the brothers Guerra and the end of the year is done with the other part. This company wants to expand the cinema, so in 1968 acquires the adjoining house, owned by Muñoz Davila family.

Already in 1974 a major reform is made to construct a stairway from above to Corredera street. Behind these innovative projects –considering the time it was- was always Infante Juan Pena, who in 1981 acquired 25% of the ownership of the family Noya Gallardo. The history of the Summer Cinema reaches the early seventies. As citizens said at that time, they used to peered from Corredera street and if they saw a large audience in the cinema they deduced that the film was good, so they came in. The owners, aware of this way of measuring the success of the film, let in ten or twelve people for free as a ‘bait’ -to gain more people to enter.

When they removed the film, it was turned into a Summer Disco in 1973.

It was the continuation of the famous guateques in the back rooms of some pubs, garages or elsewhere where they would not have much light. The entrance to the disco was located in the Quarry area, which was very dark, and so this entry was the subject of many Carnival lyrics about Vejer. At this place came to act the most important artists of the moment, mainly from flamenco, Juanito Valderrama and many more. Before the nineties, when car use proliferated, young people began to leave more often the town. At this time many clubs in rural areas, tents and other forms of entertainment were set up.

The San Francisco Cinema Company decided then to close the dancefloor and put the film projector in an old warehouse. Corredera Cinema and Disco just stayed in the memory of those who lived there so many experiences. Gone with the Wind, Manolo Escobar and Concha Velasco movies, Marisol, Rocio Durcal and many others were watched in the Cinema, or danced in the Disco to the rhythm of to Salvatore Adamo, El Duo Dinámico, Julio Iglesias and Victor Manuel.

This old building, was acquired in 2008 by the company from Conil Promociones El Roqueo SL, which built a large project of 153 parking spaces, three shops and a public plaza. This is arguably the most important building work that has been done in the historical Vejer in years.

La Corredera Parking Lot - Its Construction

Parking La Corredera

The Parking La Corredera in Vejer de la Frontera

The Corredera Parking in Vejer de la Frontera, located between the streets Retiro and Corredera, has a built area of over 5000 m2 on six floors.

Of the total 153 parking spaces, 73 will be for the rotation system, and the other 80 for residents and rental -being 3 of these places for motorbikes. Of those which will be used for rotation, 4 of them are for disabled people. Access to all parking spaces will be set up in Corredera street and exit in Retiro street.

The three lower floors, ground floor and floors numbers -4 and -3 (which is the private area of the building), will also have access by Retiro Street, and pedestrian exit will be established on both streets, with a lift in the area Corredera Street.

‘The historic center parking Vejer de la Frontera’ The construction of the car park has meant 10 months of great work for the company from Conil, Conil Proyectos y Obras SL, whose workers have been 50% of Vejer and the rest from other people of La Janda region. In its facilities will be featured the latest technology in accesses’ control and payment systems. It will also provide a great service to the residents of the area. Because of its location in the historic center of Vejer, and the tourism boom experienced by the city in recent years, is a reference parking for visitors. It should be noted that within a few meters of it there are located Spain squared, the walled district, Arc Mayorazgo, Villa’s Arc, Arc of the Nuns, the Arc of Segur, Castle and Parish Church. It aims to provide the parking of various services, including a car wash in one of the floors below, next to the control office. The building will be topped by a public square, an extension of Corredera Street, of more than 300 m2, as a gift from the developer to the town of Vejer, and also a 100 m2 business premise to municipal offices. In addition, there will be a business premise of 150 m2 -ideal for catering trade-, and a smaller business space of 60 m2 in the corner of the square. The promoter of these works is the company Promociones El Roqueo SL, from the neighboring town of Conil de la Frontera.